6 Proven Ways To Empower Your Brand’s Instagram Marketing

6 Proven Ways To Empower Your Brand’s Instagram Marketing

Use Instagram Analytics To Improve Your Account

As every social media has a built-in analytics tool, Instagram also had Instagram insights tool to measure your success rate. The major thing is to have more audience to advertise your business. You can buy free Instagram followers trial on Trollishly to have more Instagram fans. Instagram interface only shows the information on posts and stories that you’ve created. When you converted to a business profile, You must be able to view the analytics of your profile. So go ahead with Instagram insights. There are some other external tools to measure your growth.

  1. Hootsuite Analytics
  2. Iconosquare
  3. Union Metrics
  4. Keyhole
  5. HypeAuditor

There are some metrics to be measured, follower growth rate, website referral traffic, top hashtags, etc.

Post Engagement Rate

Post interactions ÷ total follower count (or impressions) ✕ 100


The total number of unique accounts who saw your content

The number of impressions a story or post earns can indicate how well you’re promoting your account and content.

Instagram Ads Metrics

Click-through rate

Clicks ÷ Impressions x 100

This number measures an ad’s effectiveness at getting attention.

Delegate UGC

UGC ( User – Generated – Content ) are the gift to people who want to become famous. It will create a good impression of your brand. Branding monotonously from the industry side may not work as much as expected. By letting your customers create a UGC for your brand will do wonders for your business.

UGC can generate more engagement on social media. Engagements comments and likes on posts. Engagement is critically vital to brands’ success on the platform because the more users engage with your stuff, the higher your posts are prioritized in the social media feed.

Cross-promote Your Instagram Account

Cross-promotion makes sense that you need to make your profile visibility in every social media to achieve a large crowd of audience. Cross-promote your profile because many people are active on more than one social network, you can likely persuade some to follow on other media. 

It doesn’t mean having lots of account on social media. It is about maintaining accounts in every social media, which has a large number of users. Trends do come and go, but while they’re popular, they can be powerful tools for you to promote your brand.

Try Influencer Marketing

Identify the right influencers to partner with your brand. They follow three kinds of influence marketing.

  1. Celebrity Influencers – They are famous enough to advertise your brand to reach widely.it is more likely to reach every person. We can go for demonstrating the products for better reach.
  2. Macro Influencers – These kinds of influencers are considered as leaders to advertise your business to the world. We can use some innovative ideas to reach the vast audience.
  3. Micro-Influencers – Micro-influencers are considered as an expert with the small crowd but loyal followers and responders.

Share Video Content

Advertisement using text content alone may not attract many people. Visual elements will give better understanding than text content. When you decided to advertise with visuals, you need to put more efforts to make it best.