8 Top Tiktok Trends In 2019

8 Top Tiktok Trends In 2019

Let’s talk about the top 8 TikTok trends this year to make it more trendy. Here are some features of TikTok why TikTok differs from other short video making platforms. This trending shows different faces of video filming. Buy TikTok fans to have even more fun with TikTok.

Duets To Do With What You Liked

Do you know that you can do duets with someone videos? While you do this, your video will appear on the left side and another video on the right side. You can duet with any videos you like. Duets will help you get more likes and followers. Because of the content of duet may be attractive, if you duet with it, people may follow you for more videos. 

Slow-Mo For A Closer Look

Slow motions are a fantastic feature in TikTok, that will let you see closer. Than usual. It was amazing. When you see something in slow motion, that will wonder you. You can see minutely. Slow-motion challenges became a trend in TikTok.

Challenges To Prove Who You Are

Challenges in TikTok became a trend widely. The recent challenge i liked is the bottle cap challenge. In this challenge, you have to open the bottle cap by kicking it by your legs. Many celebrities did this challenge on every social media. This video has become a trend. You can also create some exciting challenges to make people like your profile.

Memes That Fulfills A Social Media

Without memes, social media are empty. Memes can be created as images or video. It will make you laugh out loud. Memes are taken from movie dialogues or scenes and also from songs. Anyone can create a meme and post it on social media.

Influencer Sponsorships To Become Famous

Influencer sponsorships can be used to promote products on social media. These sponsorships will be suitable for most popular social media. Advertisements displayed between the videos playing. Ads also created as videos.   


Celebrities also have the interest to explore TikTok. People from cinema industry posted some of their TikTok videos and became famous. They have done TikTok challenges like bottle cap challenges. 

Cosplay To Become Like A Star

You can become the most famous movie or game character on TikTok. Cosplay is casting like the movie or any game character you like. It seems that the character is living beyond the film. And you will look like the character, and this is also like a dream came true. 

You are not going to act in movies, but you can look like them. It will gather so much crowd to your profile. Try to cast the characters that suit you well. Throwing alone may not work. Try to act like them.  

Twins For The Dual Surprise

People always wonder about twins. If someone performs your favorite dance, definitely you will like right, but think twice, if you can see your favorite dance twice at one time. What will be your reaction?


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