Stunning Features Of Spotify That Will Blow Your Mind

Stunning Features Of Spotify That Will Blow Your Mind

What Is Spotify

Spotify is the Swedish digital music streaming application for music lovers with salient features. This Spotify has millions of songs, podcasts, and videos from artists all over the world. It also allows you to access songs anywhere anytime by simply sign in using email or Facebook address. Spotify artists can make use of Drizzyapp to make your songs be played everywhere in the world.

Spotify’s Car Thing -Voice Controlled Smart Assistant Will Make Your Journey Joy Full

Spotify’s car thing, new hardware by Spotify introduced for drivers to enjoy the music while driving. The car thing has now tested to play songs while driving cars. Car things the first hardware device for Spotify. The device will be controlled over by voice. Some of the premium users will receive this device for free. The device will be available in the US for now.

The device plugged into the vehicles 12-volt outlet for power. The device will connect both users phone and also car over thing can be easily activated by saying “hey, Spotify” like other voice recognition software. Then we can request any song by saying the name of the song. The device will link to the Spotify account.  

This device will have a circular screen which will show what is playing, and the other side will have navigation buttons for accessing the playlists.

Spotify And Apple Music’s Newest Duel Has Nothing To Do With Music

In 2019 the music will have to face heart breaks. Why because Spotify and Apple are the big tech giants, and they both quit naming themselves as music servers, even though they had an excellent catalog. As this year saw assertive moves from both tech giants.

Spotify Lite Comes To India For Older, Low-End Android Smartphones

Spotify has launched a lite version of Spotify in the Indian market with just 10 mb in size. Spotify lite version lets people enjoy music with poor internet and also makes them save data and storage. By using Spotify lite, people from India can explore music from artists all over the world. They can save songs and search for their favorite songs and artists.

Amarjit Singh Batra, MD-India, Spotify has said that Spotify lite beta version made available in India before two months to measure users interest.

Spotify Adds Sleep Timer For Turning Off Music

Spotify finally added the sleep timer feature to stop your music journey after some specified time. It means that you can set the time duration to prevent playing the music when you are in bed. In case if you fall asleep without turning off the music player means Spotify sleep timer is there to help you. 

Spotify sleep timer will be available only on android. When using iOS, we can use the built-in timer feature in the Clock app to stop the songs being played after some restricted time.  Sleep timers had one inconvenience for music lovers, which can be eradicated. Spotify sleep timers are compatible only with podcasts not with regular music.

Are you feeling bad? There is nothing to worry! Spotify will know what you love. They are slowly merging songs to podcasts. So the sleep timer will be available for your regular music also.

If you are an artist, you may worry about Spotify sleep timer, buy guess what people will love music unconditionally. If you want a huge crowd for your music when you buy Spotify monthly listeners for your Spotify profile to shine like a rock star.