How Branded Hashtags Should Promote In TikTok

How Branded Hashtags Should Promote In TikTok

Like TikTok experts and marketers stated, it’s always better to use attractive and exclusive hashtags on TikTok, similar to social platform Instagram. Additionally, brands can customize trending hashtags to their products for promotion on different social platforms without using spam text. One of the best ways to advance engagement in a short period is to buy TikTok likes. It increases the chances to boost your brand’s reach on the platform.

Brands can also frame their own hashtags for campaigns on TikTok, related to the product for marketing. Through this practice, organizations are more expected to influence a broader audience, and the post will be highlighted in the timeliness tab of TikTok. 

Some brands use niche-trending hashtags in their posts like #Travel #Throwback #Tech etc.

Engage With Content Hashtags

Although content hashtags are different from trending and branded hashtags, they assist companies in advancing the brand’s presence on the TikTok platform. Moreover, content hashtags also benefit online advertisers to raise engagement with their followers. Below are classifications of content hashtags:

Event-Based hashtags are usually placed on posts, to notify exclusive sales events in TikTok, meetings, and even celebration days by brands. Samples of event hashtags from TikTok like #summersale #BlackFriday and #wintersale. If brands announce customers a particular discount for their products, hashtags can be varied by marketers.

Product – Here, hashtags are formed by brands that users in TikTok search for according to products looking for purchase. For instance, followers interested in buying watches will search through tags similar to #watch, #watches, and others.

Location – Brand Advertisers can place location-based tags to influence specific followers through TikTok. Location tags make savvy for followers who are concerned in searching webpages and online stores situated within their geographical zone.

Branded Hashtags For Organic Reach

When brands decided to virtualize their challenges in TikTok, a challenge similar to #icebucketchallenge comes to the user’s mind.

Though, when it arises to TikTok based Hashtag challenges, it provides a reach of entirely different than other social platforms. The quickness & reach of these challenges is so direct and extensive in TikTok.  Branded hashtags assist in raising the follower base exponentially.

These branded hashtag based campaigns on TikTok create millions of views, impressions & activities. The key reason brands prefer TikTok is that brands aren’t required to invest for reach or presence. TikTok’s Algorithm yields organic reach for incredible promotions. Branded Hashtag challenges can influence immense followers organically if campaigned well. Some examples are:

BMW – #THE1 Challenge

#THE1 branded Hashtag Challenge launched by BMW in TikTok. This challenge was to create buzz & interest in the recent launch of their car 1 Series in 2019. Collaborating with influential TikTok creators, BMW was capable of producing above 7 million views from posted ad video clips.


In 2018, Guess was the leading brand in the USA to initiate an advertising campaign with TikTok as their endorsed partner. Herewith, they tossed their promotion #inmydenim, which requested followers to post their most elegant Denim outfit.

Associating with popular TikTok creators, Guess was competent to control this campaign. This Branded Hashtag contest was an eye-opener for TikTok users in many regions that lasts more than a week. They produced millions of engagements, leads & views.

#GalaxyA – Samsung

To notify the take-off of their Galaxy A model, Samsung effectively makes use of TikTok to promote a hashtag challenge that would direct followers to research with the channel’s changeover effects and created inspired visual content to interact the brand’s useful info.

#WinningRL – Ralph Lauren

At the launch of the contest, Ralph Lauren tested the recently highlighted ‘hashtag challenge plus’ in TikTok and became the leading brand of a luxury custom associating with TikTok in the US and was fixed up to drive brand presence and to analyze followers activity about the products.

With its special ability to influence millions of followers around the domain, hashtags are vital elements of several popular advertising campaigns now. Whether brands are seeking to lift brand presence or take-off a new creation, hashtags strategies are the tactic or medium in the social platform to be notified by followers on TikTok.

Any brands, decided to advertise should notice that: instead of using casual hashtags, it’s always important to practice a little study and classify tags related to products and services posts in the TikTok social media platform.